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Psychology is about understanding and changing people, whether you are an individual, couples, children or corporate organisation. We help you to change to be more successful. We help you to understand your unconstructive or unproductive patterns of behaviour, thinking and emotions and replace them with more productive and successful patterns of behaviour.

Panel of Psychologists

Centre for Marital Enrichment & Therapy
The Centre of Excellence for Romance Relationship Management

Areas of consultation include: marital & couple conflict such as third parties issues, in-laws problems, child rearing disagreements, communication problems, personality and habit issues, financial conflict, leisure activities conflict, friends and social activities conflict, spiritual beliefs conflict, sexual and relationship dissatisfaction; premarital therapy.

Testing: couple compatibility testing and relationship, strength and weakness identification and management testing for preparation of marriage and post marital relationship test to check for marital strengths and weakness.

In marital and couple relationship enrichment programme and therapy the psychologist and therapists help couples or individuals to grow in their relationship or identify patterns of conflict or blockages in communication within their relationship and work with them to successfully manage and resolve these problems.
Through third party professional therapeutic insights, modeling and behavioral assignments which include testing out new skills and adopting new pattern of behavior, the clients get to improve their relationship thereby allowing good communication and feelings of intimacy to return to their relationship during the course of the therapy.

   Consultation for Adults:

Stress Grief, shock and trauma
Depression Inability to cope
Anxiety Pain management
Panic attack Personality changes
Discipline problems Interpersonal conflict
Sleep problem Confidence
Fears and phobias Self-esteem
Obesity Adjustment problems
Eating problem Obsessive-compulsive behaviors
Undesirable habits
Suicidal attempt    


Depression test Personality test
Panic attack test Aptitude test
Emotional intelligence test Intelligence (IQ) test
Stress coping ability Career test
Emotional Eating test    

Developing Successful Thinking,Emotion & Behaviour

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