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Psychology is about understanding and changing people, whether you are an individual, couples, children or corporate organisation. We help you to change to be more successful. We help you to understand your unconstructive or unproductive patterns of behaviour, thinking and emotions and replace them with more productive and successful patterns of behaviour.

Panel of Psychologists

Centre for Family Enrichment & Therapy
The Centre of Excellence for Creating Harmony within the Family

Our team of professional family mediators offers confidential and impartial mediation services to corporate companies, organizations, families and individuals who are experiencing conflict to help them resolve the conflict constructively and quickly whereby an amicable agreement is reached effectively, ensuring compliance to the agreement is achieved and good relationship continues to be maintained. Mediation thereby enables the expensive, hostile and destructive pursuit of litigation by lawyers through the law courts to be avoided. Our team of mediators also provides training and research for those interested to engage in the practice of mediation.

At FamPsych™, family enrichment programmes and therapy by professional psychologist are given to help family become closer and more harmonious, whereby unconstructive patterns of emotion, attitude and behaviour are identified and changed to more constructive patterns. Areas of consultation include: stress, depression, anxiety, panic attack, sleep problem, fears and phobias, obsessive compulsive behavior, obesity, eating problem, undesirable habits, grief, shock and trauma, inability to cope, pain management, personality changes, interpersonal conflict, confidence, self esteem and adjustment problems.


Stress Grief
Depression Shock
Anxiety Trauma
Panic Attack Interpersonal Conflict
Undesirable Habits ObsessiveCompulsive Behavior


Sleep Problem Pain Management
Fears And Phobias Personality Changes
Obesity Self Esteem
Eating Problem Adjustment Problems
Inability To Cope Confidence

Developing Successful Thinking, Emotion & Behaviour

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