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Psychology is about understanding and changing people, whether you are an individual, couples, children or corporate organisation. We help you to change to be more successful. We help you to understand your unconstructive or unproductive patterns of behaviour, thinking and emotions and replace them with more productive and successful patterns of behaviour.

Panel of Psychologists
Dr. Edward Chan
D.Phil.(Psych.) (IOU, Netherlands) MSc.(Learning)(Lancaster University, UK)
B.Sc.(Psych.)(Middlesex University, UK) Grad. Cert. (Expressive Therapies
with Children & Adolescents)(Institute of Expressive Therapies, Australia)
Dip(Hypnotherapy)(Austin Centres for Advanced Hypnotherapy, UK) Cert. (CBT for Anxiety Disorders)(WPC) Cert. (Psychotherapy for Personality
Disorder)(WPC) C.Pr. NLP (American Board of NLP) CSAC (Certified Substance
Abuse Counsellor)(International Certificate & Reciprocacy Consortium),
Accredited PrepareEnrich* Couple Therapy Psychometric Inventory Assessor &
Master Trainer, Accredited MBTI* Personality Inventory Assessor &Trainer,
Accredited BarOn EQI* (Emotional Intelligence) Assessor & Trainer,
Accredited Trainer and Accredited LPI* (Leonard Personality Inventory)
Assessor & Trainer. Principal Consultant Psychologist .
Sofia Tee S S

B Sc (Hons), USM, M. Div. (S'pore), Certificate in Pastoral Counselling (S'pore)
Master of Counselling (Universiti Malaya), Licensed Counsellor, Accredited MBTI Step I & Step II Administrator, Leonard Personality Inventory Psychotherapist,
Psychotherapist & Counselor

Ari Vom Namasivaya
MMPsyA, MMCBTA, B.A.(Hons.)(UM), Dip.Ed., M.Ed.
(Educational Psychology)(UM), Consultant Educational
Ghulam Irshad bin G.M. Hussain
B.A(Psychology) ( Pittsburg ), M.Sc (Psychology) ( Pittsburg )
Consultant Psycholog.
Dr Teoh Hooi Meng
MMPsyA, Ph.D.(Clinical Hypnosis)( Berkeley ), Certified master
Practitioner NLP, Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy,
Certified Master Hypnotherapist Consultant Psychotherapist.
Dr. Suriyakhatun Osman
MDHom, B Sc(Hons), Universiti Iskandriah Mesir, Post Graduate Diploma (Reproducitve Medicine), Diploma Homeopathy
Certified Professional Coach, Certified Emotional Freedom technique Practioner, Consultant Psychologist.
Nuraihan Muhd Noordin
BHSc(Psychology)(International Islamic University Malaysia ),
Master of Education(Counselling), Counselling Psychologist.
Dr. Eugene C. S. Chen
MMPsyA, B.A. (Psych., UKM),(Hons)(Pol.Sc., UKM), M.A.(Policy Analysis and Security Studies, UKM), D.B.A.(Leadership Development, UniSA). Consultant Psychologist.
Abdul Mujeeb Khan MAPsyA

MA Clinical Psychology (University of Karachi), MA Sociology (Karachi) PGD Psy. (Karachi), Licensed Psychologist MOH of UAE, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kenny Yong Yean Sirn
Adv. Dip. Med.Sci. (I.M.U), M.D. (U.W.O. Canada), Psycho nutritional Consultant and Therapist .

Mr Mark Pearson

M. Ed. (BEM); Dip T.; Cert HB & TP; Dip. ERC.

Mark is the director of the Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia. He has been conducting training courses in Expressive Therapies around Australia since 1989, and in Asia since 2001. He was a primary school teacher, and then founded a remedial reading clinic. He has worked briefly with handicapped children, and conducted individual and group programs for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. He has been in private practice for over eighteen years. He has completed further studies in Transpersonal Psychology with Dr Stanislav Grof, and holds a Masters in Education, majoring in Behaviour Management.

Mark works as a psychotherapist and counselling trainer around Australia and in Malaysia. He regularly conducts programs for various universities, social welfare agencies and education departments around Australia.

He is the co-author of Emotional First-Aid for Children (1991), Emotional Release for Children (1995) and Sandplay & Symbol Work (2001). He is also the author of Emotional Healing & Self-Esteem (1998) and for adults: From Healing to Awakening (1991) and The Healing Journey (1997).  He is the author of the new multiple intelligence groupwork programs for schools and agencies: The Innerspace Programs – Emotional Literacy for Student Wellbeing and Resilience (2006).

Ms. Rubina binti Mohamed

B.A. Psychology(Hons) Carleton University, Canada.
Supervised Psychologist ChildPsych™ of the Malaysian Psychology Centre

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